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Hello & rules

Welcome to Picnic_Summer.
As you probably know, Picnic_Summer is a community which will announce the upcoming series of bi-weekly themed picnics taking place in the Vancouver BC area.

Here are the rules, there aren't many, but they're important.

1. Please try to stick to the theme and dress code, and bring some food to share. (don't be a mooch!)
2. Please do not come intoxicated/bring illegal substances: if you do so, you will be asked to leave. If you wish to bring a moderate amount of alcohol and promise to be responsible with it, that’s O.K. but don’t bring your house party.
3. No pets please.
4. Music, props, costumes, elaborate party games are all very welcome and encouraged!
5. No beef, pork or lamb. All fish, seafood, poultry, and things containing gelatin must be clearly labeled. A lot of our participants are vegetarian/lacto-ova-pesca vegetarians (if you are vegan, make sure you bring something you know you can eat).
6. New folks are welcome! Newcomers are encouraged to be as theme-y as they can.
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